What is Serenity Factor

At first some people feel confused. What is this? How does it work? Let us answer it in one word. Experience. Experience to shake your senses and emotions. Experience to wind you down and relieve you from the stress. Experience to revitalise you and top you up with positive vibes.

Have you ever felt so tired and out of focus, you wanted to drop everything? Have you been through a burn-out? Have you felt stressed? Have you felt depressed or apathetic? Have you ever wanted to escape your very reality? Even for a few minutes. Just hide somewhere, chill a little, wind down, replenish your vigour supply and be able to focus again. This list can be quite extensive.

Fact is we are dealing with such bad vibes in our busy lives way too often and are hardly ever able to chill as we should. And even if we get that chance, sometimes it is nearly impossible to go some place quiet and beautiful for a stroll, let alone sit on the beach.

But there is a solution to that.

There are two things to consider here. First one is nature. Its power to make us feel good is second to none. Wasn’t it every time you felt a special emotion when you saw an amazing sunset or heard birds singing their sophisticated songs?

Second thing to consider are our own brains. They react to certain stimuli regardless of the environment. The sound of waves splashing will calm you down whether you are sitting at the ocean shore or at home with headphones on. The way we percept things is the way things affect us.

With that in mind and our neverending need of good vibes, the concept of Serenity Factor emerged in an instant. As a slap through the face. It had to be done. Right now.

So what is it and how does it work?

Serenity Factor allows everyone to enjoy nature’s fantastic sights and sounds as much as they like, anytime, anywhere.

Just choose one of the scenarios below, sit back and try to embrace the feeling. Before you know it, you will feel a peaceful sensation. A delightful shiver from the inside. You might feel tenderness or even start crying while stunning sceneries and nature’s amazing sounds captivate your senses. That is okay. That is natural. That is how we get rid of the negative load and recharge ourselves.

Serenity Factor has an endless number of applications, like for example:

  • You can just relax in front of your computer, tablet or smartphone (be advised of the very intensive traffic in order to avoid bad vibes when your next bill arrives);
  • How about some yoga, meditation or creative visualisation with one of our soundscapes in the background;
  • Turn your home cinema into nature cinema;
  • Holding a conference? Have you thought about how boring these coffee breaks might be to some and how exhausted people are after just few hours? Give visitors a chance to recharge – put Serenity Factor on the screen and through speakers;
  • Fullscreen mode slideshow makes for great screen saver replacement;
  • Having sleeping issues? Wave splashes help greatly;
  • Exams? Hard work? Immerse yourself in bird songs;
  • Feeling hot? Try sounds of winter and see what happens;
  • If your kids must watch TV or sit on the computer, let them at least enjoy nature, instead of commercial junk;
  • Prepare yourself emotionally for the great change ahead of us.

As nature’s wonders never cease to amaze, so will Serenity Factor. Every time you come over, you will find something new. Something exciting. Something to cheer you up.


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