Serenity Shop

Wouldn’t it be great if you can have all these mesmerizing tracks, that play on our radio and site at your convenience? Listen them wherever and whenever you like, have them on your phone, player, computer, hi-fi, even in your car. Well, you can now. And because it wouldn’t be us if we don’t add few cool tricks, we did. Check them out. All of our soundscapes are DRM-free, one hour long, start and end with gentle fade.

Seamless instant two-click purchase

No registration required, no personal details collected. Unless you prefer to create account with our payment processor to speed up your future purchases, of course.

Encrypted direct transaction

PayPal is way too limiting and in certain cases unpleasant to deal with. So instead we opted for a partner, who does direct charges and skipped one link in the chain. Less middlemen → lower fees → more happy people.

DRM-free downloads

Honestly, all that talk about digital rights, piracy prevention and so on is utter crap. I am also a writer, trust me on this. Copy and burn our tracks as many times you like to any device or media you like.

Preview before you buy

Okay, it’s just 30 seconds, but you know what you are buying already anyway, as these tracks also play on our radio and some of them in the galleries.

Pay what you think is fair

We believe digital products should be sold this way. If you are satisfied with what you got, you can always show your appreciation by adding a little tip.

I won’t be buying your awesome soundscapes this time, but this site is simply amazing and here is a little token of appreciation.

Complimentary soundscapes are available to club members. Join?